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Chestnut at Liberty on 5.85″ Square Slate with Stands


5.85″ x 5.85″ stone slate measuring 1/3″ thick

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Now's the time to make your home or office more beautiful and peaceful. This chestnut Arabian mare at liberty glows with the late afternoon Spring sun behind her. You can bring this lovely mare home on a 5.85" x 5.85" stone slate measuring 1/3" thick (approximate measurements - each piece is unique). Plastic stands are included for displaying your slate. It will be printed on demand on a slab of stone in the U.S., then carefully packaged and shipped to you via UPS.

In the 1990s, I traveled all over California taking photos of horses. I recently rediscovered my old photo archives, most of which have never been published. I scanned this photo into my computer and painstakingly converted it to a digital painting that highlights all the mare's features, giving her life, expression, and a sense of movement. Each time I look at her, she inspires me and brings me peace. I'd like to share her spirit with you.

***The URL watermark will not appear on your artwork*** Each scratch-resistant, durable slate is unique with chiseled edges. Recommended for children 12+.

SHIPPING TIME: Because our U.S. manufacturer is practicing social distancing, orders are processed more slowly than in the past. You should receive your order in the U.S. within 15 to 20 days after you place it.

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