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Kristin and Heza Prize

Kristin and Hez A Prize (Fadjurs Prize x Fadjurs Allure) at Jack Tone Ranch, Stockton, CA

We all need something beautiful in our lives. For me, that’s horses.

I’ve spent my life loving everything about them — their shapes, colors, personalities, movement, and even their history.

I’ve published 70+ articles about horses and their influence on art, history, and pop culture at my site,

I’ve drawn and painted horses for as long as I can remember. In the early 2000s I painted and sculpted horses for the model horse hobby, but took a break to raise my young children. After several years of working in marketing and technology, I’ve returned to my true passion, horses.

Now I create equine fine art so you can make your home and office a sanctuary from the stresses of the outside world.

Whether you’re a serious horse lover like I am, or you want to enjoy the beautiful shape of horses, has what you’re looking for. Stay tuned as I add more exclusive pieces created just for you.
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Meet Kristin of

Creating equine fine art to make your home & office more beautiful

Read 70+ exclusive articles celebrating horses in art, history, pop culture, and everyday life.


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